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I have been teaching Yoga for over a decade, and my students are extremely satisfied and appreciative of my classes. My teaching style is a blend of Traditional and Vinyasa Yoga, with benefits of Pranayama and Pilates. Ideal for those looking for muscle toning, posture corrections, weight loss, flexibility, internal strengthening as of bones and joints, and getting rid of post-pregnancy flab in women. 

Power Yoga not only works on the physical body, but also on its functions like metabolism, digestion, circulation, hormonal balance etc. As one starts getting this feeling of overall well being, it also changes the thought process and one's attitude becomes more positive. Overall energy levels increase. 

Classes are open to men/boys as well as women/girls.

Its important to choose the right form of Yoga. Once that is ensured, Yoga is extremely beneficial for all, and can be practiced irrespective of age and gender.


Power Yoga

Post-Natal Yoga 

Traditional Yoga

Classes at Sarvodaya Enclave Studio , Geetanjali Enclave Club 

Corporate Workshops and over Skype

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